2015 Murder in Alabama: Family Remembers Loved Ones Lost And Seeks Justice Through Emotional Tradition

Family and friends of Gary Baskins, the victim of a murder in Alabama in 2015, came together in Tuscumbia to commemorate his life by releasing balloons.

Emotional Balloon Release Honors Victim of Murder in Alabama 2015

In a deeply emotional tribute to Gary Baskins, a victim of the 2015 Jody’s Restaurant shooting in Alabama, his family and friends came together in Tuscumbia to release balloons in his honor. The gathering was filled with intense emotions as Vickie Holt, Gary’s mother, shared the lasting pain of losing her son and their unwavering pursuit for justice.

The Murder in Alabama 2015 grabbed people’s attention due to the lengthy legal proceedings that Shaun Ryan, the defendant, faced. His trial experienced multiple postponements, prolonging the process. Although the state decided not to pursue the death penalty in this specific case, the family of Gary and his companion Kayla Glover remains resolute in their pursuit of justice.

The family is still dealing with the pain of their loss, and the annual balloon release has become a poignant reminder of their unyielding love and the profound impact of their heartbreaking loss. Vickie Holt’s heartfelt words capture the emotional turmoil that accompanies the tragedy of losing a loved one, emphasizing the lasting and profound effect it has on a family.

This heartwarming tribute illuminates the lasting anguish and unwavering quest for justice endured by the families impacted by the Murder in Alabama 2015. The yearly balloon release serves as a poignant symbol of love, grief, and an unwavering determination to seek justice in the midst of unimaginable tragedy.


By carrying out these rituals, both the community and the family ensure that the memory of the victims remains alive and that the importance of achieving closure and accountability is not forgotten.

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