21-Year-Old Newark Woman Pleads Guilty in Robbery and Shooting Rampage Case

After a little over an hour since the spree began, police managed to capture both of them. The getaway car driven by Williams, 31, crashed during a pursuit.

Chandler wasted no time in accepting a pre-indictment agreement offered by the government. In doing so, she hopes to secure a more favorable outcome when she faces sentencing.

If Williams goes to trial, there is no doubt that she will be asked to testify against him.

Authorities said that Williams had already robbed a deli on Danforth Avenue before Chandler joined him in a holdup at a Valero gas station on Garfield Avenue.

U.S. Attorney Philip R. Sellinger revealed that Williams, along with Chandler, carried out an armed robbery at a supermarket located on Communipaw Avenue.


They hurriedly dashed to a nearby fried chicken eatery located across the street.

Chandler stood at the doorway and directed one employee to leave the restaurant.

Sellinger said she prevented a customer from entering as well.

“Williams, hurry up!” she exclaimed, urging him on as he compelled an employee to empty a cash register, according to the U.S. attorney.

Jersey City police quickly spotted them shortly afterward. Williams accelerated, driving into oncoming traffic and forcefully colliding with a police vehicle, as Sellinger described.

He and Chandler were arrested right away.

Jersey City police and the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office were credited by Sellinger for their investigation that resulted in Chandler’s plea. Assistant U.S. Attorney Shontae D. Gray secured the plea, in which Chandler admitted to conspiring to commit robbery, robbery, attempted robbery, and firearms-related offenses.

The sentencing for April 17, 2024, has been scheduled by U.S. District Judge Brian R. Martinotti.

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