5-year-old’s fatal fall from KC apartment illuminated by eviction filing

Newly filed court documents provide fresh details regarding the tragic demise of a 5-year-old boy in downtown Kansas City.

In November, Grayson O’Connor was discovered deceased near 10th Street and Grand Boulevard after unintentionally falling from a window of a neighboring apartment building.

On Friday, a filing was submitted in Jackson County court that indicates Grand Boulevard Lofts is taking steps to evict Grayson O’Connor’s mother from her apartment.

The woman involved in the incident has not been criminally charged and, therefore, FOX4 is refraining from disclosing her name at this time.

The eviction filing provides new insights into the living conditions of Grayson and his mother before the tragic death of the 5-year-old, shedding light on what may have transpired.


According to the filing, the woman negligently removed the window stops from the apartment’s windows.

During the investigation, the state authorities declared the apartment complex as uninhabitable due to its extremely unsanitary conditions, according to the management.

The eviction filing does not provide any further details or explanations regarding either of these allegations.

Despite efforts made by Grand Boulevard Lofts to address the issue through law enforcement and local mental health services, the woman has yet to vacate the apartment.

The court date for the issue has been scheduled for January 25th.

After Grayson passed away, the case was sealed, preventing public access to the records. It has now been transferred to the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office for further evaluation regarding potential charges.

Last month, court documents that were mistakenly posted online suggested that Grayson’s mother had been charged. However, these documents were later removed, and the prosecutor’s office did not provide any confirmation regarding the charges.

According to The Kansas City Star, when the police arrived at the apartment following Grayson’s death, they found his mother seated near the window. They immediately asked her what had happened to her son.

According to the court documents, she replied, “out the window,” as stated in the now unavailable court records.

FOX4 has also confirmed that a search warrant has been filed in this case. However, due to a new Missouri law, the warrant is not viewable at this time.

The restriction on public access to certain records went into effect in the summer of last year, as confirmed by a spokesperson from Jackson County courts. Previously, information from search warrants was accessible to the public.

Protesters gathered last month on what should have been Grayson’s sixth birthday, urging for transparency in the investigation. They demanded additional details about the circumstances surrounding the boy’s tragic demise.

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