A missing teen was discovered in a man’s bedroom under a trap door

According to arrest reports, a 16-year-old girl from North Carolina who had gone missing was discovered by Kentucky police in the bedroom of a 34-year-old man. The man’s mother had contacted authorities to report a domestic dispute between the two.

Upon arriving at the residence on Christmas Day, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office deputies were informed by Zachary Jones that the girl had run away. However, his mother contradicted this statement, prompting the deputies to initiate a search to ensure her well-being. The report revealed that she was discovered inside a bedroom, concealed beneath a rug within a cut-out door in the floor.

The deputies later discovered that she had been reported missing from Fayetteville, North Carolina, on December 6th.

Jones was initially arrested when he attempted to discard drug paraphernalia discovered by deputies during their search of the residence, according to reports.

Jones does not have an attorney at the moment, but he did mention to WKYT-TV from jail that he believed the girl looked older and that he was simply trying to lend her a helping hand when he made the decision to drive to North Carolina to pick her up.


According to Jones, the reason for her expulsion was her grandmother’s decision. Despite being only 16 years old, she had numerous piercings, creating an unconventional appearance.

He further mentioned that he did not conceal her when the police initiated a search at his residence.

According to Jones, the woman chose to hide by herself. When the police officers initially entered the room, she was actually in bed.

According to the girl’s grandfather, Eugene Baughman, she fled from her grandmother’s house and they filed a missing persons report once they lost contact with her.

According to Baughman, he believes that Jones did not have any intention of assisting the teenager.

According to Baughman, it is his belief that the individual in question was not engaged in rescuing anyone. Rather, he speculates that the person had ulterior motives and was actively seeking out another potential victim.

In an interview with WRAL-TV in North Carolina, Jones’ mother revealed that she had mistaken her daughter for an adult.

Rhona Jones recalled how she had asked him about the age of the girl. He confidently replied, “She’s 19.” Her trust in his words was based on the fact that many girls often appeared older than their actual age.

According to her, the girl did not seem to be forcibly detained.

Rhonda Jones expressed her belief that the woman willingly went with him. According to Jones, it is possible that they had been communicating for some time. The police reported that the woman was unhappy in her current situation and felt cared for by the man, which may have influenced her decision to go with him.

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