A Trans Man Undergoing Gender Affirmation Surgery Finds Out They Are Five Months Pregnant

Aiexpress – Officials in Italy have announced that a person who was transitioning from female to male discovered they were five months pregnant after undergoing a mastectomy.

According to the Telegraph, doctors in a Rome hospital discovered that Marco, a patient scheduled for a hysterectomy to remove their uterus, was actually pregnant.

According to Italian endocrinologist Giulia Senofonte, the immediate action to take upon discovering a pregnancy is to halt hormone therapy. She emphasized the importance of this step in an interview with local media, as reported by the Times UK.

According to Senofonte, if the treatment is not halted, particularly during the first trimester, it could potentially impact the baby’s organ development as a result of the discontinuation of testosterone doses.

According to Senofonte, hormone therapy does not serve as a contraceptive despite its ability to halt the menstrual cycle. He emphasized that individuals undergoing this treatment may still ovulate, thereby leaving them at risk of pregnancy.


During hormone therapy, individuals undergoing a gender transition are typically advised to take contraceptive pills, according to her.

According to a report from Times UK, it is expected that Marco will proceed with the pregnancy.

Abortion is allowed in Italy after 90 days only in cases where there is a grave risk to the mother’s health or if there are significant abnormalities in the fetus, according to the Telegraph.

Marco finds himself in an extraordinary position as one of the fortunate “seahorse dads.”

According to an article from Today, the term “seahorse dads” is used to describe transgender men who have the ability to carry and give birth to their own children. This term draws a parallel with male seahorses, as they are also known to carry and care for their offspring.

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