Alabama Man, Warner Rose, 29, Vanishes After Leaving Home For Late Night Errand

Aiexpress – On April 8, 2009, Warner James Rose, a 29-year-old resident of Alabama, informed his girlfriend that he was going out to run an errand and would be back later that day. They had plans to watch a movie together when he returned to his home in Dallas County. It was around 10 PM when Rose left his home, and nobody has heard from him since then. This information is based on the Charley Project.

In an ironic turn of events in 2024, Rose finds himself in a precarious situation. He has an active warrant issued against him and is currently labeled as a ‘profiled fugitive’ by the Alabama Southern District U.S Marshals. This is due to his violation of probation and possession of a weapon in Mobile County, with the warrant being posted in August 2010.

The CP shared more information about Rose, stating:

Rose was once a member of the Saint Phillips Boys Gang and had been arrested and incarcerated on a weapons charge. According to his loved ones, he changed his ways after he got out of jail, began attending church, and was trying to improve his life. In August 2006, police arrested fifteen members of the gang during a raid. They alleged that the gang was operating an “open air drug market”. The suspects pleaded guilty to various drug charges, and Rose may have testified against them at their sentencing. Authorities believe his disappearance may have been related to his prior gang involvement.

Rose confided in his brother about his desire to leave Alabama, but did not disclose the underlying reason for this decision.

According to a report by The Selma Journal in September 2016, authorities were given a tip regarding the potential location of Rose’s body. Despite conducting a thorough search of the area, nothing was found. Dallas County officials informed the family that they had spent the entire day digging and searching, but were unable to locate Rose before speaking to the media.


As of January 2024, Rose’s information can be found on The Doe Network under case number 4797DMAL and on NamUs under case number MP7380. He was born on March 22, 1980, making him 43 years old. Rose is 5’5″ tall and has a tattoo on his left arm that says “Lil Hoop.”

If you have any information about Rose, please contact 334-375-1708.

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