Alabama Power claims colder weather for customer dissatisfaction with high power bills

Many people in Birmingham, Alabama have recently noticed a significant increase in their power bills. Numerous calls and emails have been received by WBRC from residents who claim that their bills have increased by hundreds of dollars. However, a spokesperson from Alabama Power has stated that these higher bills are typical for this time of year due to the extremely cold temperatures we have been experiencing.

According to media representative Anthony Cook, if you lower the temperature during extended periods of 20-degree weather, your heating unit will have to work harder to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature of 68 degrees. As a result, this increased workload can lead to higher energy bills.

Kathy Hathaway noticed an increase in her bill even before the colder temperatures arrived in her area. To save on heating costs, she decided to use less heat and relied more on her gas fireplace to keep her home warm. Surprisingly, her bill has more than tripled in the past few months, and she is perplexed as to why this has happened.

Hathaway was astounded by the data that showed an 89% increase in his usage from last month to this month. He found it impossible to believe, considering the nature of his activities. Additionally, he shared his experience of managing his deceased parent’s home and paying their power bill, which also exhibited a significant spike. Even though there was only one person residing in the house who was rarely present, the power bill doubled, reflecting a 103% surge in usage without any valid explanation.

According to Alabama Power, the units work diligently during the summer to cool your home, and the same principle applies in the winter when they work hard to keep your home warm. However, Hathaway finds it puzzling as there were two days last month when her power was out due to work being done in her neighborhood, yet the usage on her bill for those days does not reflect the outage.


Hathaway has already spoken to a representative who provided the same explanation regarding the colder weather. Despite her attempts to call again, she has not been able to get through. Cook acknowledges that they are currently facing higher call volumes, but assures customers that they can always reach out through online chat or visit one of their locations for face-to-face assistance.

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