Alabama task force aiding in efforts to combat human trafficking

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (aiexpress) – The task force’s records reveal that among the 27 million slaves, there are numerous cases in America, including Alabama. The state of Alabama itself has confirmed cases in Montgomery County and Dothan.

Patricia McCay, chairwoman of the Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force, expressed that when she talks about human trafficking occurring all over Alabama, people often react with a bewildered expression.

McCay stated that individuals were experiencing job loss, financial difficulties, and addiction issues, resulting in their inability to pay rent.

Familial trafficking has been on the rise since then. This is the reason why the task force has decided to organize their annual human trafficking summit on Thursday, January 25th, at the Renaissance Hotel in Montgomery.

Guests attending the event will have the opportunity to learn from experts in Homeland Security who directly combat trafficking. They will also hear firsthand accounts from survivors of trafficking.


The task force faces challenges in reaching out to schools and educating young people about the perils of human trafficking, despite the importance of this knowledge for people of all ages.

McCay expressed concern about the prevailing attitude among parents today, stating that they are hesitant to educate their children about sensitive topics such as sex or anything considered taboo. He emphasized the importance of addressing these subjects with children, as failing to do so may leave them vulnerable to outside influences.

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