Andrew Cuomo Strategizes His Return To Politics By Launching Attacks On Biden’s Border Policies

Aiexpress – Cuomo’s message was clear and impossible to ignore by political professionals all across the country.

Andrew Cuomo, who is always bothersome and never wrong, just slammed Joe Biden and the Democratic Party on the issue of the border-hopper problem that the United States caused itself.

“The migrant issue is creating mayhem across the country and showing the ineffectiveness and schisms in the Democratic Party,” writes ex-Gov. Bigfoot for The Hill — a policy-wonk-centric, Washington-based venue.

In other words, a place where political experts from coast to coast keep a close eye: In two ways, Cuomo sent a message that was not likely to be missed.

“President Biden’s administration has not been able to solve the migrant problem,” he continued, “primarily because of the divided opinion within our own party.”


He didn’t say anything about being feckless, dishonest, or cowardly, but what the hell? Biden’s support was falling so fast that a recent poll showed him behind Trump among Hispanic voters. It was only a matter of time before a public-spirited private citizen spoke out.

That being said, why not a Democrat with some national standing who is very ambitious and has nothing to lose? One more thing that helps is that Cuomo’s main point is clearly correct.

If we were to replace “President Biden” with “Mayor Eric Adams” in Cuomo’s diagnosis, we would gain a clearer understanding of the situation. Cuomo’s approach is centered around self-serving tough love, with a strong emphasis on serving himself. He has just administered a hefty dosage of it.

Why has Andrew Cuomo, of all people, taken on the task of challenging the president? And why is Eric Adams nowhere to be found?

Fair? Forget about fairness, because when it comes to politics, fair is not a word that holds much weight.

What Cuomo calls “mayhem” is common in New York City, especially on the streets in Midtown and next to Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn. But the influx of migrants has also messed up city budgets, made Gov. Kathy Hochul deaf and dumb, shown that City Hall won’t take responsibility where it belongs, and made New Yorkers even more worried about crime and disorder after the pandemic.

The situation in search of a savior is undoubtedly compelling.

And when it comes to saviors looking for a situation, Andrew Cuomo always manages to deliver. (Who could forget those windbreakers during weather crises?)

According to The Hill, Mayor Eric Adams stands virtually alone.

He definitely does, but perhaps not just as a solitary hero, rather as an irresistibly enticing target.

There’s no doubt that Cuomo brings more to the table than a mule train. The feds told people in New York on Friday about the sexual harassment claims that helped get him removed from office. And when the man’s name is brought up, someone always thinks of their late grandma.

But Mario Cuomo is said to have said that the mind of a voter is the shortest thing there is. At this point, the migrant invasion is the most important thing, and they tend to move quickly.

Andrew’s words may align with party ideologies as he claims to be a proud progressive. Moreover, his remarks seem to be setting the stage for a potential mayoral primary challenge in 2025.

But what’s the big deal?

Andrew Mark Cuomo is the only Democrat who is fearlessly speaking the truth to political power amid a colossal public policy failure that has engulfed the nation, especially New York.

That should definitely hold some value.

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