Arkansas State Park Visitor Discovers 7-Carat Diamond, Names Gem after Fiancée

One man seems to think that Arkansas is just as magical as Paris.

Julien Navas, a lucky resident of Paris, France, made an incredible discovery at the Arkansas Crater of Diamonds State Park. Earlier this month, he unearthed a magnificent 7.46-carat diamond.

According to Arkansas State Parks, a Parisian visitor described the park as a magical place where the dream of finding a diamond can come true. They further expressed that visiting the park was a truly great adventure.

An Arkansas resident strikes it lucky as he discovers a rare 3.29-carat brown diamond at a state park.

Navas traveled extensively throughout the United States.


He made a stop in Cape Canaveral, Florida to witness a rocket launch, and then continued his journey to New Orleans.

Julien Navas made an incredible discovery on January 11th at Arkansas’ Crater of Diamonds State Park. He unearthed a remarkable 7.46-carat diamond, showcasing the park’s potential for uncovering precious gems. (Arkansas State Parks)

During his time in the vibrant city of New Orleans, Navas discovered the fascinating Crater of Diamonds State Park, which immediately piqued his interest.

According to a press release by Arkansas State Parks officials, the park caught his attention due to his past experiences with gold panning and searching for ammonite fossils.

Knowing that he had to visit the park during his time in the U.S., he made sure to prioritize it.

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On January 11th, Navas embarked on his gem-hunting adventure in the park after purchasing a diamond hunting kit.

According to Arkansas State Parks, officials describe the gem as being “the size of a candy gumdrop.”

Navas arrived at the park at 9:00 AM and immediately began digging. He described the laborious task as back-breaking. As the afternoon approached, Navas shifted his focus to searching for items that were easily visible on the surface.

After spending several hours, he made his way to the park’s Diamond Discovery Center and was thrilled to learn that the precious gemstone he had stumbled upon was a magnificent 7.46 carat brown diamond.

“I am absolutely thrilled! My mind is consumed with the excitement of sharing this incredible discovery with my fiancée,” Navas exclaimed enthusiastically to the park officials.

The park received a significant amount of rainfall in the days leading up to Navas’ visit, which played a role in the discovery.

Navas has expressed his intention to have the gem cut into two diamonds. He plans to present one to his daughter, while reserving the other for his future wife. This heartfelt gesture demonstrates his deep love and affection for both of them. (Arkansas State Parks)

“We plow the search area on a regular basis to loosen the soil that contains diamonds and encourage natural erosion,” stated Assistant Park Superintendent Waymon Cox in a press release.

When rain descends upon the field, it not only cleanses the soil but also reveals the presence of substantial rocks, valuable minerals, and even precious diamonds lying close to the surface.

Navas informed park officials that he had chosen to name the precious gem after his beloved fiancée, Carine. He expressed his intention to have the gem skillfully cut into two exquisite diamonds – one for his cherished fiancée and another for his beloved daughter.

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