Assistance available for high energy bills from Alabama Power and gas companies

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AIEXPRESS) – As temperatures continue to drop, many individuals are growing concerned about the potential impact of the cold weather on their power and gas bills. In fact, some have already experienced significant spikes in their bills during the month of December.

In central Alabama, a significant number of individuals rely on Alabama Power or Spire Gas for their home heating needs. Fortunately, both companies offer various payment assistance programs to support customers in managing their bills effectively.

Gail Cruz, community service specialist for Spire, acknowledges that some individuals face difficulties and challenges in their lives. These range from experiencing job loss to encountering unexpected financial burdens.

Both Alabama Power and Spire Gas offer bill options that allow customers to donate money to assist those who are unable to pay their monthly bills.

Cruz expressed his satisfaction in being able to provide the Dollar Help Program to certain customers, stating that it is a valuable opportunity to support them during challenging times. He emphasized the importance of extending assistance and helping individuals persevere until their circumstances improve.


According to Anthony Cook, the media relations principal for Alabama Power, the program has been incredibly successful since its inception in 1982. Over the years, it has provided a total of $40 million to assist 385,000 families in maintaining their electricity supply.

Many individuals experienced a significant increase in their gas bills this month, causing them to readjust their budgets in order to manage the higher costs.

“I was having a conversation with my daughter earlier today,” shared Charlotte Crow, a resident of Homewood. “I mentioned to her that I’ll have to start reducing my expenses in other areas. This includes cutting down on food and making sure I have enough laundry or dishes to do a full load before using the washing machine or dishwasher. I’ll have to be more mindful and cautious with everything I do.”

Living in places where utilities are included in rent is a fortunate situation for many individuals.

Tuscaloosa resident Kaitlyn Estes mentioned that her power bill is the only utility she pays, and it has remained relatively stable at around $75 per month.

If you’re interested in learning more about qualifying for budget billing or the donation programs offered by Alabama Power or Spire Gas, simply reach out to their customer service lines. You can find these contact numbers on their respective websites, which are and

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