Attorney claims dancer who died from mislabeled cookies had severe allergic reaction beyond EpiPen’s effectiveness

The professional dancer from New York City, who tragically passed away due to an allergic reaction caused by mislabeled cookies, experienced such a severe anaphylactic shock that her EpiPen proved ineffective. Her family’s lawyer emphasized this detail, highlighting their determination to seek justice from the supermarket responsible for selling the cookies.

Órla Baxendale, a 25-year-old dancer, experienced a severe allergic reaction to a Vanilla Florentine cookie from Stew Leonard’s while rehearsing at a dance studio in Connecticut on Jan. 11, according to attorney Marijo C. Adimey.

According to the attorney, Orla was extremely cautious and diligent when it came to her food choices. She would meticulously examine the ingredients listed on all packaging. Additionally, she made sure to have an EpiPen on hand at all times and surrounded herself with individuals who were knowledgeable about its administration.

The statement revealed that despite the use of an EpiPen during the anaphylactic reaction, it was unfortunately ineffective in treating the severity of her allergy.

Jordan Willis’ father passionately defends his son amidst the swirling mystery surrounding the tragic deaths of three Kansas City Chiefs fans. He adamantly asserts that his son, Jordan, did not commit any wrongdoing in relation to the incident.


Adimey criticized CEO Stew Leonard’s claim that his chain, Stew Leonard’s, was not notified by the cookie manufacturer about the addition of peanuts to the ingredients. However, the bakery based in Long Island stated that they had informed the company about this update in July 2023.

The lawyer expressed strong disapproval of Stew Leonard’s actions, describing them as deplorable. Stew Leonard had posted a video statement with his family, seemingly trying to shift the blame by claiming that his Chief Products Officer was unaware of the ingredient change.

According to the family of Orla, Stew Leonard’s has failed to take full responsibility for their actions. Instead, they have chosen to engage in a public relations media campaign that is solely focused on promoting their own self-interests. The family, along with the public, had expected Stew Leonard’s to address the situation with sincerity and accountability. However, their actions have fallen short of these expectations.

A heartbreaking tragedy struck the Kansas City Chiefs community when a devoted fan was found frozen to death. The grieving parents of the deceased believe that their child may have witnessed something that they were not meant to see. The chilling circumstances surrounding their untimely demise have left friends, family, and fellow fans in shock and disbelief.

Adimey expressed that Baxendale’s passing was a devastating tragedy. He emphasized that it was not only a loss of life, but also a sorrowful fact that her death could have been completely prevented and avoided.

Adimey stated in an email to The Post on Thursday that they fully intend to take legal action on behalf of Orla’s estate in order to seek justice.

Howard S. Hershenhorn, co-counsel, emphasized their intention to take legal action due to Stew Leonard’s failure to disclose peanuts in the cookie ingredients, which posed a severe risk to Orla, who had a severe allergy.

Originally from Manchester, Baxendale relocated to New York City in 2018 to pursue her studies at the Ailey School, thanks to a scholarship opportunity.

At the time of her passing, she was an accomplished dancer performing with the Momix Dance Company.

In a heartbreaking Instagram tribute, Baxandale’s sister, Niamh, expressed her grief over the loss of Órla. She shared that despite Órla’s carefulness, it was not enough to prevent her from being taken away too soon due to a severe allergic reaction to a food product.

“Órla exuded a radiant and dreamy aura. It fills me with immense honor to call this extraordinary individual my sister. She was adored and cherished by everyone,” expressed Ciara, Órla’s other sister, in a heartfelt tribute on her personal page.

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