Authorities say man threw backpacks filled with drugs and weapons over Alabama prison fence

A man from Montgomery has been arrested for throwing backpacks filled with prohibited items over the fence of a prison in Alabama.

Glenn Norman, a 36-year-old individual, is facing multiple charges, including three counts of illegal drug trafficking, promoting prison contraband in the first and second degrees, as well as trespassing.

Norman was taken into custody a fortnight ago at another correctional facility on similar allegations.

On Monday, an officer at Elmore Correctional Facility witnessed an individual throwing a backpack over the fence behind one of the prison dorms, according to authorities.

ADOC’s Law Enforcement Services Division agents and drug-sniffing dogs quickly responded to the scene and efficiently secured the perimeter.


Norman was discovered hiding in close proximity and subsequently apprehended by law enforcement.

During the investigation, authorities discovered a total of four backpacks containing a variety of illicit drugs, cell phones, weapons, lock-picking and re-keying kits, as well as various tobacco products.

He was taken into custody on December 28th at Bullock Correctional Facility, as confirmed by the authorities.

According to court records, Norman attempted to smuggle in a total of 28 cell phones, 17 charging blocks, seven pairs of wireless earbuds, a pocketknife, three water bottles filled with alcohol, and a safety vest.

In connection with the December incident, he is facing multiple charges.

The suspect is currently being held in the Elmore County Jail.

Commissioner John Hamm emphasized the importance of halting the influx of illegal contraband into ADOC facilities. He highlighted that this measure is crucial in curbing drug abuse, overdoses, and inmate violence.

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