Biden Receives Endorsement From United Steelworkers Union, Bolstering Labor Support In Presidential Race

The United Steelworkers Union has thrown their support behind President Joe Biden, marking another significant endorsement from a major labor union.

The Pittsburgh-based union made an announcement on Wednesday, just days after Biden expressed his disapproval of the proposed sale of U.S. Steel to Nippon Steel of Japan. He emphasized the importance of keeping the company under American ownership and operation.

The USW, representing 850,000 workers in metals, mining, rubber, and other industries, highlights Biden’s history of supporting retirement security, affordable healthcare, and worker-friendly legislation. These issues hold significant importance for its members.

The AFL-CIO, United Auto Workers, and various other unions have already thrown their support behind Democrat Biden in his campaign against Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee. While the Teamsters union has engaged in discussions with both candidates, they have not yet made their endorsement public.

Biden made a bold decision by opposing Nippon’s proposed acquisition of U.S. Steel. In doing so, he showed his support for the unionized workers, even though it came with the potential risk of upsetting both the business community and a crucial ally, Japan. It is worth noting that U.S. Steel is headquartered in Pennsylvania, a pivotal swing state in this year’s election.


The USW has expressed concerns regarding Nippon’s commitment to upholding current labor agreements.

Earlier this year, Trump expressed his strong opposition to the acquisition of U.S. Steel by a Japanese company, stating that it would be a “horrible thing.”

Nippon has stated that the acquisition would bring benefits to U.S. Steel, union workers, and U.S. national security. According to the company, the purchase would enhance quality and competitiveness, while also reinforcing American supply chains.

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