Biden Says Schumer’s Controversial Call For New Israeli Elections As ‘an Effective Speech’

President Joe Biden commended Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s surprising statement advocating for new elections in Israel. This comes only a day after the New York Democrat referred to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as an impediment to achieving peace in the region.

During an Oval Office meeting with Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, Mr Biden was asked about the remarks made by the Senate leader. This meeting took place as part of the traditional St Patrick’s Day visit to Washington.

The president responded by stating that Mr. Schumer had contacted a senior staffer at the White House prior to his Senate floor remarks on Thursday. However, the president did not provide any further details regarding the contents of the conversation with the majority leader.

“He delivered an impressive speech, expressing genuine concern that resonated not just with him, but with countless Americans,” he acknowledged.

During their conversation, Mr Varadkar highlighted the urgent need for a ceasefire in Gaza, emphasizing the dire humanitarian situation. He expressed his view to Mr Biden, stating, “We need a ceasefire as soon as possible to ensure the delivery of essential supplies such as food and medicine, and to facilitate the safe return of hostages.”


“We should discuss how we can make that happen and progress towards a two-state solution,” he emphasized.

Joe Biden responded by stating, “I agree.”

On Thursday, Mr. Schumer, the highest-ranking Jewish-American to ever serve in any US elected office, expressed his thoughts on the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. He highlighted that he was speaking on behalf of a “silent majority” of American Jews who possess nuanced perspectives on the matter.

While acknowledging that Israel is still surrounded by hostile adversaries, and emphasizing the ongoing challenges it has faced throughout its history, the Senate leader affirms his unwavering support. However, he also emphasizes the need for Israel to implement substantial changes in its approach to attain sustainable peace, prosperity, and security for both the Jewish and Palestinian people in the Middle East.

In his statement, he emphasizes the importance of finding a fair solution that includes the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside Israel. He criticizes both Israelis who overlook the negative impact of expanding settlements in the West Bank on the two-state process and Palestinians who insist on an absolute “right of return.”

There are four major obstacles that hinder the two-state peace process, according to the unnamed official. These obstacles include extremist right-wing Israelis, Hamas militants and Palestinians who tolerate them, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

During a press conference on Thursday, John Kirby, the White House National Security Communications Adviser, informed reporters that the administration had been informed in advance about Mr. Schumer’s remarks. However, he made it clear that the discussions with the Senate leader were not centered around seeking approval, expressing disapproval, or making any edits.

“We are aware that Leader Schumer has a strong stance on this matter … our primary focus remains on ensuring that Israel has the necessary resources to protect itself, while also taking all possible measures to prevent civilian casualties. Additionally, we are fully committed to achieving a temporary ceasefire to facilitate the safe release of hostages and deliver more aid,” he emphasized.

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