Bill introduced by Senator Arthur Orr aims to prohibit protests outside residences and prevent swatting incidents

Alabama State Senator Arthur Orr (R-Decatur) has recently proposed a bill in Montgomery, Alabama, which aims to classify protesting outside of an individual’s residence as a misdemeanor offense.

On Tuesday, a bill called SB57 was introduced in the State of Alabama, aiming to criminalize protesting outside residential areas.

The bill explicitly states that individuals are prohibited from protesting or picketing in close proximity to a residence occupied or used by someone, with the intention of harassing, intimidating, or disturbing that individual or other residents of the same household.

Protesting near a residence would be classified as a Class C misdemeanor under the proposed bill, with a Class B misdemeanor for a second or subsequent offense.

The bill also includes a provision that mandates police to issue a warning before making an arrest for protesting near a residential property.


The bill states that before arresting someone for violating this section, a law enforcement officer must first instruct the individual engaged in picketing or protesting to disperse immediately and peacefully.

The state of Alabama is considering a bill that would criminalize the act of “swatting.” This bill aims to address the act of making false reports to law enforcement, which result in emergency responses that can potentially cause harm or even death to individuals engaged in lawful conduct during the response.

Swatting would be elevated to a Class B felony under the proposed bill.

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