Blood Shortage Prompts Blood Center To Request Hospitals To Postpone Elective Surgeries

Aiexpress –  Hospitals in Georgia are being advised to delay elective surgeries for a brief period of time due to a severe shortage of blood supplies, according to a blood center serving the region.

Blood Assurance, a nonprofit regional blood center, provides its services to various counties in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

The hospitals they serve are being advised to postpone elective surgeries until at least Wednesday, Jan. 24. This will allow them to replenish their inventory.

Blood Assurance attributes the shortage to a notable decline in blood donations caused by the recent cold weather. Additionally, there has been a surge in emergency blood transfusions in the past day, further exacerbating the situation.

Blood Assurance reported that as of Thursday afternoon, their shelves were stocked with less than a half-day supply of most blood types.


Numerous donation centers, which are typically closed on weekends, made an exception and remained open this past weekend to gather extra donations.

Dr. Liz Culler, the President and CEO of Blood Assurance, emphasizes the crucial role of the community in supplying blood. She highlights that Blood Assurance serves as the guardian of these life-saving blood units. However, it is the responsibility of the public to ensure that an adequate supply is available for hospitals treating patients with traumatic injuries and debilitating illnesses. Dr. Culler emphasizes the urgent need for donors, stating, “We need you now more than ever.”

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