Body Found on Property of Serial Killer in Indiana Identified as Man Missing for 30 Years

The coroner’s office has confirmed that the body discovered on the property of a notorious serial killer in Indiana is that of a man who disappeared approximately thirty years ago.

Hamilton County Coroner Jeff Jellison announced on Thursday that investigators have determined the identity of the remains found in 1996 at the former home of Herbert Baumeister. According to a report from local news station CBS 4 Indy, the remains have been identified as those of Manuel Resendez, who went missing in August 1993.

In 1996, Baumeister, who is said to have killed at least 25 people, took his own life in Canada as authorities began investigating him.

Medical examiners are currently in the process of identifying the remaining remains that were found at Baumeister’s house. These remains are currently being stored in the archaeology department at the University of Indianapolis, and they will undergo DNA testing at state police labs.

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