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Mayor Rex Hardin of Pompano Beach is no stranger to reading proclamations, but there was one that truly touched his heart. This particular proclamation celebrated the heroism of Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) Deputy Brandon Marston.

Marston received recognition as an “Outstanding Police Officer” during a city commission meeting for his heroic act of saving the life of Judy Smith’s 30-year-old daughter. Coincidentally, Smith was on duty when the incident occurred.

On January 28, 2024, the BSO received a distress call regarding a severe two-vehicle collision with injuries at the 1500 block of S. Federal Highway. Courtney Spadafora, who happened to be Smith’s daughter, had run out of gas just a few feet away from a gas station. While she was pushing her car towards the station, another driver collided with her vehicle from behind, resulting in Spadafora being literally run over.

The panic was palpable as police and firefighters scrambled to unravel the mystery and determine their course of action, according to Lt. Dave Lewis. Spadafora’s life hung in the balance, with critical injuries that included life-threatening leg lacerations and the imminent risk of bleeding out.


According to Lewis, Deputy Marston’s training in using a tourniquet proved invaluable in a challenging situation. Despite the chaotic and bloody scene, Marston remained focused on his mission and successfully applied the tourniquet. Lewis emphasized that if Marston hadn’t acted swiftly and correctly, Judy may have tragically lost her daughter.

Marston’s life-saving actions were confirmed by both firefighters and medical staff at the hospital.

“It’s amazing to see our dedicated first responders, including BSO and fire departments, tirelessly working day in and day out to ensure our safety,” expressed Hardin. “Instances like this truly touch our hearts and make us appreciate the challenging nature of their job. They witness things that none of us would ever want to see, yet they continue to save lives. Deputy, we are sincerely grateful for your service. Thank you.”

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