Buffalo Bills Fans Allege NFL ‘Fixed’ Game for Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes Based on Suspicious Video

Buffalo Bills fans are accusing the NFL of rigging the Kansas City Chiefs’ victory in the Divisional Round on Sunday night, following the emergence of a controversial video from the game. Despite facing a tough challenge on the road, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes managed to secure a 27-24 win against the Bills.

The Bills had plenty of opportunities to secure a victory, but they struggled to capitalize on key drives that could have sealed the game. Despite a few turnovers and close calls that could have allowed the Chiefs to gain a substantial lead, the Bills managed to stay in the game until the fourth quarter.

Patrick Mahomes gets a favorable call

The Bills, on the other hand, found themselves at the receiving end of a controversial call. A video capturing a pass interference penalty called against the Bills became a subject of scrutiny on X, brought to light by Dave Kluge. The footage suggested that the pass interference incident occurred before Mahomes released the football.

The officials decided to give the Chiefs a first down instead of calling the Bills for holding, even though it could have been a valid penalty. As a result, the Chiefs were able to continue their drive, but ultimately punted the ball away.


Buffalo Bills fans call the game rigged

Many Bills and NFL fans expressed their frustration with the call, arguing that the game was unfairly biased towards Mahomes and the Chiefs.

The fans didn’t spend much time acknowledging that the league favored the Bills with a favorable call on Chiefs’ wide receiver Mecole Hardman’s fumble at the goalline, which saved the Bills from a two-score deficit. They also didn’t discuss the favorable forward pass call on the Bills’ opening drive, which allowed Buffalo to take a 3-0 lead.

These are the top reactions from Bills and NFL fans accusing the game of being rigged.


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