Burgum Signs Letter To President Biden Against Electric Vehicle Mandate

Aiexpress – Governor Doug Burgum is among the governors calling on President Joe Biden to reconsider his mandates concerning electric cars. This comes after President Biden’s commitment to having two out of every three vehicles on the road powered by batteries by 2032.

The letter, which you can read here, is signed by Burgum, as well as the governors of Montana and South Dakota. The group asserts that the mandate is unrealistic and expensive. Burgum, in particular, argues that the plan would place too much reliance on China.

The letter is also requesting President Biden to revoke his mandate on future electric vehicles and allow the free market to determine their demand.

He argued that by destabilizing the grid when there is a growing need for more power, we would be putting ourselves at a disadvantage. Additionally, he pointed out that China currently controls 85% of the world’s minerals. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to subsidize batteries made in a country that is considered our number one adversary. He also mentioned the efforts made over four decades to reduce dependency on OPEC, which were successful during the Trump administration. However, he expressed concern that the current administration’s actions might lead us to rely on China and the countries it controls, essentially signing up with a new version of OPEC.

In a recent development, the House of Representatives made a significant decision by rejecting President Biden’s new EV mandate. However, there is a looming threat that the President might veto the bill if it manages to reach his desk.

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