California Stores Targeted by Bold Thief Who Has Stolen Almost $40K Worth of Items by Deceiving Staff

Most recently, the man was seen grabbing an iPad from an employee and running out of the store

Police in Southern California are currently on the lookout for an individual who is believed to be responsible for a series of thefts from multiple Target stores. The total value of the stolen merchandise is estimated to be around $40,000.

The man has been on a “crime spree” since at least October, causing Target to suffer an estimated loss of $39,000, according to the Irvine Police Department. He is believed to have stolen from various locations throughout Southern California.

According to police, a daring thief has been caught on camera making off with iPads from various stores. In a video shared by officials, the man can be seen swiftly snatching an iPad from an unsuspecting employee before quickly escaping.


It seems that the suspect employs a cunning tactic, waiting for the opportune moment when an employee is carrying an item he desires, pretending to require assistance, and then making a swift grab for the coveted item before fleeing the scene.

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