Cartoonist Jumps From From Tony NYC Building Despite Girlfriend’s Frantic Efforts To Rescue Him: ‘he Slipped Away’

A talented cartoonist, described as “depressed,” tragically fell to his death from his 15th-floor Chelsea co-op on Tuesday. Despite his girlfriend’s courageous efforts to save him, the incident ended in tragedy. According to authorities and witnesses, the artist’s plunge was fatal.

According to police sources and witnesses, the individual who jumped from the building at 300 W. 23rd St. has been identified as Jon Medwick. Jon, a 62-year-old artist, also held a day job at WebMD.

According to a source from the police, Medwick’s girlfriend, who is 45 years old, woke up to find him standing at the window. She attempted to hold him back, but he managed to slip away.

At 5:45 a.m., the police promptly responded to a 911 call at the refurbished pre-war building.

“I immediately sensed that something had occurred when I witnessed the coroner arriving, along with the body bag and ambulance,” recalled a resident of the building.


Medwick, a long-time resident of the building and member of its co-op board, was known among his neighbors as a friendly and sociable individual.

One-bedroom apartments in the building have been sold at prices ranging from $540,000 to $1.45 million.

Medwick captured breathtaking images of the sun setting on Manhattan from his high-rise apartment, showcasing his photography skills on his Instagram account.

According to one source, his girlfriend, who appeared visibly distraught, accompanied him to the hospital following Medwick’s passing.

“I did see the girlfriend, and she appeared to be visibly distressed. She kept expressing discomfort in her legs. I’m not sure if it was due to nervousness, but emergency medical services quickly attended to her,” the source reported.

According to a source, his brother was also present at the building on Tuesday, engaging in discussions with detectives.

According to a source within the co-op, Medwick had been living with his girlfriend since shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, the source mentioned that Medwick had a brother who would visit him.

“They mentioned that he was a cartoonist who had created a picture for them, which they found quite delightful.”

According to a resident, Medwick primarily worked from home, and occasionally clients who commissioned his art would visit the building to collect their pieces.

They expressed relief that the incident did not occur at the front, as they did not wish to witness him in such a state.

“It would have been traumatizing for me. Seeing that is definitely not a pleasant experience.”

According to authorities, they have ruled out foul play in relation to the incident.

According to a witness in the building, Medwick was taken to the hospital on Sunday in an ambulance and later returned.

According to authorities, he was feeling down before what seems to be a sudden fall.

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