Celebrating the Birthday of Alabama’s Musical Icon, Clarence Carter: A Tribute

Alabama (AIEXPRESS) – Alabama is home to numerous talented musicians, and today we pay tribute to the remarkable Clarance Carter, a Montgomery County native. According to the Encyclopedia of Alabama, Clarance Carter was born on January 14, 1936, to a sharecropping family and developed a passion for music from a young age.

In one of his most renowned musical compositions, “Patches,” Carter shared his experiences growing up.

My papa was a great old man. I can see him with a shovel in his hands. See,
education he never had. He did wonders when the times got bad.
The little money from the crops he raised, barely paid the bills we made. (Clarence Carter, Patches)

Carter, despite being born blind, never allowed his disability to hinder his pursuit of his dreams. From a young age, he displayed a remarkable talent for playing the piano and dedicated himself to honing his musical skills throughout his college years. While attending classes during the day, Carter would perform in local clubs at night to earn money for his college tuition.

When he received an offer for a full-time job in the music industry, he decided to fully commit to his music career. This led him to create incredible musical hits like “Patches,” “Slip Way,” “I’d Rather Go Blind,” and various other soulful songs. In recognition of his talent and contributions, he was honored with induction into the Alabama Music Hall of Fame in 2003.

Happy 88th Birthday Clarence Carter! May your soulful voice continue to resonate at countless Alabama cookouts, fish fries, family gatherings, and home stereo systems.


Slip Away- Clarence Carter

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