Charles – NewsBreak Original: Haunted Locations in New Mexico, Echoes from the Old West

ai express – The American Southwest is filled with eerie stories of haunted places, showcasing its rugged landscapes and rich history. In particular, New Mexico, known for its Wild West legends, is home to various locations where the past and present collide in spine-chilling ways.

Foster’s Hotel in Chama is a haunting reminder of the Wild West era. Countless guests have shared their encounters with the spirits of a frontier judge, a young girl, and a cowboy, adding to the eerie atmosphere of the hotel.

Hotel Eklund in Clayton is a fascinating blend of historical architecture and ghostly tales. One of the most famous spirits that linger in this hotel is that of a maid named Irene. She is believed to haunt Room 307, and many visitors have reported hearing creaking floorboards and even seeing faces mysteriously appearing in the wallpaper.

In Cloudcroft, there is a charming establishment known as The Lodge Resort & Spa. Within its walls resides a resident ghost by the name of Rebecca. Rebecca, a former chambermaid, met a tragic fate as she fell victim to a crime of passion. To this day, her ethereal presence continues to be felt through eerie incidents such as furniture mysteriously shifting and lights inexplicably flickering.

The Dawson Cemetery serves as a solemn reminder of one of the most devastating coal mining disasters in America’s history. Many visitors have claimed to witness ethereal lights and figures moving among the graves. These spectral manifestations are believed to be the lingering spirits of the miners who lost their lives in the tragic explosions of 1913 and 1923.


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The Union County Courthouse in Clayton is known for its paranormal activity. According to rumors, the ghost of Black Jack Ketchum, a notorious train robber, is said to haunt the courthouse where he was tried and the jail where he was held.

Roswell, a city globally renowned for its alien lore, is an essential mention when exploring New Mexico’s eerie locations. With its haunted history, Roswell adds an intriguing layer of mystery to this famous destination.


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