Chase Wilson Sentenced For The Fatal Shooting Of Julian Fruh

Aiexpress –  The Baltimore City State’s Attorney announced on Thursday that the Maryland man who was found guilty of murdering a security guard at the off-campus apartments of Morgan State University has been sentenced to several decades behind bars.

Chase Wilson, a 22-year-old, has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for the fatal shooting of Julian Fruh in the 4400 block of Marble Hall Road in August 2022.

On August 31, 2022, campus police notified Baltimore City officers about a shooting incident near the campus. The incident involved a man named Fruh, who was shot in the head following a reported dispute.

Fruh was working as an employee of Allied Universal, the security company responsible for the apartments in the area where he was fatally shot.

Prosecutors say Fruh was walking and looking at his phone in the parking lot of the apartment complex at the end of his shift when Wilson came up behind him on foot, shot him several times, and then ran away.


Someone at work helped and called for help, but Fruh was already dead when he got to Johns Hopkins Hospital, less than 30 minutes after being shot.

Police were able to figure out that the two were talking on their phones before the shots were fired, thanks to surveillance video from the apartment complex.

They meet, and when they do, shots are fired at the target, who falls to the ground. The suspect is seen running into a building in the film.

Wilson was apprehended almost a month following the homicide on September 27, 2022.

He faced conviction for the following charges:

    • Second-degree murder;
    • Use of a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence;
    • Wear, carry, or transport of a handgun.

Wilson will be sentenced in October and could potentially face a prison term of 60 years.

“A homicide occurred near Morgan State University, in an off-campus housing facility, which is meant to be a secure and nurturing environment for our young students to pursue their education and personal development. This tragic incident has left a deep emotional impact,” expressed States Attorney Ivan Bates. “While Mr. Wilson has been sentenced to twenty years in prison, this penalty cannot compensate for the precious life he took away from 19-year-old Mr. Julian Fruh.”

Bates expressed his surprise at the relatively lenient sentence given by the judge, considering the long sentence that was initially expected.

“While we respect the decision of the jury on the verdict of second-degree murder, we remain baffled by the sentence imposed by the judge for such a callous act of violence,” he added.

“I strongly believe that Mr. Wilson deserved to receive the complete 60-year sentence for the heinous act of taking the life of someone who was dedicated to enhancing public safety for the local community. The lenient sentence only serves to retraumatize the victim’s family, who are already enduring immense pain and suffering.”

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