Cops: Friends And Witness Left Traumatized After 2 Young Passengers Killed In A Stunt-driving Accident In A Popular Thrill-seeking Spot In NYC

Aiexpress – Friends and witnesses were shocked when a stunt driver’s mistake caused a crash that killed two passengers, including a 15-year-old girl, in a Bronx area that is famous for attracting thrill-seeking drivers.

According to the owner of the truck, the driver of the Chrysler 300, who remains unidentified, encountered a dip in the road shortly before the tragic collision with the parked truck. The incident occurred at around 3:30 a.m. near the intersection of Bryant and Viele Avenues in Hunts Point.

According to the truck owner, who goes by the name Chip, the loss of control occurred when the vehicle hit a dip on the road that was covered in salt.

According to the owner, the driver attempted to perform risky maneuvers while driving, but failed to consider the small dip in the road. This particular road passes through an industrial area near the East River.

“I witnessed the events,” he continued. “Immediately after the accident, I observed numerous children outside attempting to open the doors.”


Tragically, two people were killed in the crash that was caught on video. Sabrina Villagomez, 15, was sitting in the back seat, and Gilvante Roberson, 21, was sitting in the front passenger seat.

The two were taken to Lincoln Hospital right away, but the NYPD said they both died from their injuries.

On Monday, a close friend of Roberson expressed deep sorrow over the loss of his companion.

Jay Ben, 27, shared with The Post that he remembers the individual in question as a highly spirited child who exuded endless energy. Always radiating happiness, he had a knack for brightening up anyone’s day with his contagious smile.

Ben, a security guard, mentioned that he had been acquainted with Roberson for approximately four years. He added that they had first crossed paths while riding scooters.

“He has a unique ability to unite the car community and connect individuals, rather than just focusing on the cars,” he emphasized, mentioning that Roberson also had experience working at UPS.

“He was an incredible person. He held no hatred towards anyone… No one had any negative feelings towards him. We all admired him, and it’s heartbreaking that he had to meet such a tragic end.”

According to a letter sent to the community by the school district, two of the victims, including Villagomez, were students at Ramapo High School in Rockland County. Villagomez, who was a sophomore, was one of them.

Superintendent Clarence G. Ellis expressed his deep condolences to the families and friends of the two students, emphasizing that this news has had a devastating impact on the entire East Ramapo school community.

No arrests have been made by the police yet.

The sidewalk on Monday still had debris from the accident, just a few feet away from a makeshift memorial adorned with numerous candles that spelled out “Gio.”

According to police sources and footage of the wreck, the driver was swerving out of control moments before his car collided with a parked fuel truck.

According to sources, he had been driving recklessly as part of a gathering of adventurous drivers.

He was brought to Harlem Hospital after the crash, where authorities reported that he was in stable condition.

A 17-year-old girl was transported to St. Barnabas Hospital in critical condition, according to the NYPD.

According to workers from the nearby Bronx Junk Car Depot, incidents like this one are unfortunately not uncommon.

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This was actually the second one this week.

According to an anonymous worker, it is quite common for them to engage in racing and performing donuts in this area, especially during weekends and late hours.

During the summer, the situation worsens significantly, as observed by the individual. This issue is a common occurrence and is frequently witnessed.

Paul, an Amazon worker, has consistently observed individuals speeding near the location of the accident.

“I always find myself doing a double-take before I bring out the trucks because they seem to appear out of thin air,” he exclaimed. “During the day, it’s not as noticeable, but once night falls, especially when the weather is pleasant, it becomes absolutely chaotic.”

“We should consider installing speed cameras or speed bumps in this area,” he suggested. “While there may be mostly trucks using these roads, they are wide open, making it an ideal spot for illegal racing. However, we must weigh the potential costs of implementing such measures.”

Chip, the owner of the truck and manager of Rags Fuel, expressed deep sadness over the loss of his beloved vehicle. He personally customized it over a span of three months, investing a staggering quarter-million dollars into the process.

However, the deaths affected him even more profoundly.

“It’s absolutely devastating, lives were lost,” he expressed. “Families have been torn apart… this is an immense tragedy. A truly unfortunate and heartbreaking loss.”

He expressed, “I can always replace my truck, but human lives are irreplaceable. That’s just the way it is.”

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