CR Identifies 40 Food Items in New York Contaminated with Cancer-Causing Chemicals

Chemicals that enhance the durability of plastic have been detected in food products sold at popular fast-food chains and beverage companies, including McDonald’s, Trader Joe’s, Chipotle, Burger King, Coca-Cola, and Wendy’s.

Consumer Reports recently conducted a study that revealed the alarming prevalence of plastics in our food.

Widespread Presence Of Plastics Found In Food Sold In New York State

According to a study conducted by Consumer Reports, phthalates, also known as “forever chemicals,” were detected in 99 out of the tested products.

According to CR, an unexpected ingredient found in plastic is a plasticizer, which is a chemical used to enhance the flexibility and durability of plastic. These plasticizers, commonly known as phthalates, can be found in almost all individuals along with other plastic-related chemicals like bisphenols such as BPA.

According to the Endocrine Society and International Pollutants Elimination Network, both air pollution and water pollution are associated with a wide range of health problems. These include cancer, diabetes, reproductive disorders, neurological impairments in developing fetuses and children, and even death.


Consumer Reports, after conducting extensive tests on a range of food products, has recently unveiled a fresh list of chemicals that they have been monitoring for the past 25 years.

According to Consumer Reports (CR), their recent tests have revealed that Americans are consuming a significant amount of chemicals through their food. In their extensive analysis of nearly 100 food items, CR found that bisphenols and phthalates, which have been linked to potential health risks, are still prevalent in our food. This alarming discovery highlights the urgent need for action to address this issue.

Food Items From McDonald’s, Trader Joe’s, Chipotle, Burger King, Coca-Cola, Wendy’s Listed

Over 5,000 total phthalates per serving, the following items were tested:

Consumer Reports: Cancer Causing Chemicals Found In 40 Popular New York Food Items

According to a recent report, some popular food items are said to contain high levels of phthalates, commonly known as “forever chemicals.” The study found that the following items have tested positive for over 5,000 total phthalates per serving.

Consumer Reports states that while scientists have not confirmed a specific level as safe, it is generally agreed upon that lower levels are preferable.

Numerous companies, such as Annie’s, Burger King, Fairlife, Little Caesars, Moe’s Southwest Grill, Wendy’s, and Yoplait, did not provide any comment in response to the requests made.

McDonald’s stated to Consumer Reports that they are adhering to the current regulations. Fast food workers recommend steering clear of these menu items.

Fast Food Employees Say to Avoid Eating These Items

If fast-food employees advise against eating something, it’s wise to heed their recommendation. Here are some food items that they suggest avoiding.

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