Crash at Raytown Road and Blue Ridge Cutoff results in 2 dead and 3 children hospitalized

Late Wednesday night, a tragic crash near Raytown Road and Blue Ridge Cutoff in Kansas City, Missouri, claimed the lives of two individuals, according to local authorities.

Three children were also taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of injuries that were not life-threatening.

According to police, a gray Kia Forte was found to be traveling at a high speed in a southbound direction on Blue Ridge Cutoff during the preliminary investigation.

The driver of a blue Ford Focus was making a left turn from northbound Blue Ridge Cutoff onto westbound Raytown Road.

The Kia collided with the Ford as it turned into the intersection.


The driver of the Kia, who was not wearing a seat belt, tragically lost their life at the scene.

Three children who were riding in the Ford were taken to a nearby hospital due to potential serious injuries.

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