Cuomo Fights Back: Files Lawsuit Against NY AG Letitia James In Effort To Find Evidence Supporting His Innocence

Aiexpress – Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has made a bold move that is certainly grabbing the public’s attention. He has filed a lawsuit against Attorney General Letitia James with the aim of compelling her to release 180 documents. These documents are linked to the sexual harassment investigation that ultimately led to Cuomo’s resignation from office. The former governor firmly believes that these documents are crucial to proving his innocence, especially as he currently faces lawsuits from two women who have accused him of sexual harassment during his time in office.

The lawsuits arise from an inquiry conducted by James’ office regarding allegations of misconduct by Cuomo, which ultimately resulted in his resignation in 2021. However, Cuomo has consistently argued that the entire process was a politically motivated attack led by James, with whom he has had a longstanding rivalry, and he maintains his innocence.

Eleven women have come forward with allegations against Cuomo, accusing him of various actions, including groping and verbal harassment. While Cuomo has apologized for any comments that may have been misunderstood, he strongly denies engaging in any physical misconduct.

Cuomo is currently facing lawsuits from an anonymized New York State Trooper and Charlotte Bennett, a former aide. Bennett claims that Cuomo harassed her by asking inappropriate questions about her personal life, while the State Trooper accuses Cuomo of making unwanted physical contact and advances.

Brittany Commisso, another former aide, has accused Cuomo of touching her inappropriately. Commisso considered filing a lawsuit last year but has not yet done so. Her allegations initially resulted in criminal charges against Cuomo, but those charges were later dropped.


Cuomo’s team accuses James of consistently refusing to release the interview transcripts with the women. The New York Daily News has also been denied requests to make these records public.

Cuomo and his attorneys are asserting that the disclosure of these documents will not only exonerate him but also benefit the public. “Each and every piece of information that has emerged in the past two years has only served to undermine Tish James’ fraudulent report,” stated Cuomo’s spokesman Rich Azzopardi in an interview with

No charges have been filed against Cuomo despite the ongoing investigation into the allegations.

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