Cuomo Files Lawsuit Against New York Attorney General

Aiexpress –  Former New York governor Andrew Cuomo has taken legal action against New York Attorney General Letitia James, aiming to compel her to surrender the interviews conducted in connection with the sexual misconduct probe against Cuomo.

In a separate case filed in 2023, similar records were requested for release, but a federal judge declined to do so. Cuomo has consistently denied any wrongdoing in this particular case.

The attorney general’s office has not yet responded to the lawsuit. However, a spokesperson for the former governor issued the following statement to NEWS10:

“Every single piece of information that has come out over the last two years has done nothing but undermine Tish James’ sham report and – after publicly stating that ‘evidence will be made available to the public’, she’s done everything she can to hide these documents from taxpayers. This was a political hit job from the beginning to pave the way for Tish’s failed campaign for governor and it’s sad that the courts are needed to step in and order the state’s top lawyer to stop violating the law.”

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