D.c. Mayor Declares She Doesn’t ‘want To Lock Up Our Kids, But Acknowledges The Need If They Are Involved In Gun Violence

Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser acknowledges the city’s reluctance to impose jail time on minors who commit crimes. However, she recognizes that there may be circumstances where it becomes necessary to do so.

Mayor Bowser is backing a new bill aimed at addressing the alarming increase in violent and other serious crimes in the district. The city recorded a staggering 274 homicides in 2023, marking a significant rise from 203 in 2022 and 166 in 2019.

In her report, Alexandria Hoff from Fox News sheds light on the bill and the surge in crime that served as its inspiration.

The District Council is currently preparing to vote on the extensive Secure D.C. Amendment Act. According to Hoff’s report, the hearing is running about 2.5 hours behind schedule, but the bill is expected to pass the final vote. It had already garnered nearly unanimous support during the initial round of voting last month, as it aims to address the concerns of fearful residents while simultaneously angering activists. The proposed legislation includes various measures such as increased penalties for gun crimes and retail theft, expanded pre-trial detention, and stricter regulations on open-air drug markets. Additionally, it seeks to toughen penalties for violent youth offenders, a course of action deemed necessary by the city’s Democratic mayor.

During a recent event where she expressed her endorsement for the legislation, Bowser stated, “We don’t want to imprison our children, but we may have to if they are using firearms. It’s as straightforward as that, because not only are they utilizing guns, but they also fall victim to them.”


According to Hoff, there was a significant increase in crime rates in the district last year. Homicides rose by 35%, robberies by 67%, and vehicle thefts by 82%. Shockingly, a majority of the carjackings in the district were committed by juveniles. Just last week, the D.C. police apprehended and charged a 15-year-old in the murder of Nasrat Ahmad Yar, an Afghan interpreter who had sought refuge in the United States during the chaotic withdrawal. Tragically, Yar was working as a rideshare driver when he lost his life.

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