Days after a similar arrest, a career criminal was caught with a box cutter in a NYC subway crime: sources

A career criminal, who had been arrested over a dozen times in the past, was apprehended in the early hours of Friday for brandishing a box cutter during an attempted robbery on a train in Lower Manhattan. This comes just days after he was released following a similar incident on the railways, according to sources and prosecutors.

The conductor immediately called the police, who promptly arrested Washington once the victim identified him.

Alleged robber apprehended in violent $500K jewelry heist that injured elderly woman

On Monday, Washington was arrested after allegedly stealing another passenger’s phone on a No. 6 train heading uptown in Lower Manhattan, according to sources.

According to sources, the suspect approached the 23-year-old commuter and demanded $200. When the commuter refused, the suspect forcibly took the phone.


According to a criminal complaint, he faced charges of third-degree robbery and fifth-degree criminal possession of stolen property.

According to the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, Washington was granted supervised release as the charges he faced were not eligible for bail.

The NYPD’s Transit Bureau expressed strong disapproval of Washington’s release, as it enabled him to return to the streets and commit another crime. Their condemnation was evident in a strongly-worded Instagram post.

In a recent post, law enforcement authorities emphasized that the police officers are diligently carrying out their duties. They highlighted the importance of the rest of the criminal justice system fulfilling their responsibilities as well.

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On Monday, Transit cops apprehended a 38-year-old repeat offender for forcefully stealing a straphanger’s cellphone in Manhattan. Surprisingly, he was set free without any bail.

“New Yorkers deserve better,” stated the online post. It went on to inform that the same individual who had been arrested only 4 days ago had been apprehended once again by Transit cops. This time, the arrest was made for attempting to rob another subway rider at knifepoint in Manhattan.

According to sources, Washington has a long history of arrests in New York City dating back to 2005. These arrests include charges such as assault, robbery, criminal possession of a controlled substance, and fare evasion.

According to online records, he was previously convicted in Nassau County in 2006 for attempted robbery, robbery, and aggravated harassment.

According to sources, he experienced hallucinations in 2019, where he believed that his face and body were engulfed in flames. This incident sheds light on his mental health history in the city.

According to sources, in 2021, Washington’s mother stated that her son, who is diagnosed with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and is a K2 user, was exhibiting erratic behavior and not adhering to his prescribed medications.

Washington’s address, as given by the authorities, is the Manhattan Psychiatric Center located on Ward’s Island.

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