Democratic Suozzi sworn into House, further narrowing GOP majority

Aiexpress – Rep. Tom Suozzi (D-N.Y.) took the oath of office on Wednesday, officially returning to the House and further reducing the Republican Party’s already narrow majority in the chamber.

Suozzi emerged victorious in a special election for New York’s 3rd Congressional District just a few weeks ago. He replaced former Representative George Santos (R-N.Y.), who was expelled from the House due to a federal indictment and a critical report from the Ethics Committee.

With Suozzi’s swearing in, the House now has a total of 432 lawmakers, consisting of 219 Republicans and 213 Democrats. This tightens the GOP conference’s slim majority. Moving forward, if there are any party-line votes, Republicans can only afford to lose two of their members and still secure the passage of their priorities, assuming all members are present and voting.

Suozzi was sworn into office on the House floor during Wednesday evening’s vote series. Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) administered the oath of office, with members of the New York delegation standing by his side.

After leaving Washington to pursue an unsuccessful run for governor of New York, Suozzi has made an unexpected comeback to the House. Representing New York’s 3rd Congressional District from 2017 to 2023, he shared his thoughts on his return.


“I never imagined I would find myself back in this place,” Suozzi exclaimed during his speech on the House floor after taking the oath, eliciting laughter from those present in the chamber.

In the Long Island district, Suozzi emerged victorious over Republican Mazi Pilip, reclaiming his seat in Washington with a commanding lead of 53.9 percent to 46.1 percent.

The Republican Party suffered a setback when his victory turned a crucial GOP seat into a Democratic one. Johnson and his conference were dealt a blow by this outcome. However, Johnson downplayed the significance of the party’s loss in the district, asserting that the race did not serve as a predictor for the upcoming November elections. He further claimed that Suozzi ran with a conservative approach, akin to that of a Republican candidate.

During a recent address, Tom Suozzi, a newly elected official, responded to a comment made by the Speaker. Suozzi expressed his disagreement with the Speaker’s statement that he ran like a Republican. Politely, Suozzi clarified his stance by emphasizing that he is a dedicated and unwavering Democrat.

Suozzi placed great emphasis on the issue of immigration and border security during his campaign. This has become the most important concern for voters in this election cycle. He encouraged Johnson to introduce legislation that promotes compromise and addresses both the situation at the border and supports U.S. allies abroad.

“I understand that compromise can be challenging in this city, Mr. Speaker, but if a bipartisan compromise is brought to the floor, I assure you it will receive support,” Suozzi expressed. “All the issues we confront in our nation are intricate, each and every one of them. And it is impossible to find solutions in an atmosphere filled with fear and anger.”

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