Democrats Propose Controversial Bill: Washington Property Taxes Could Triple!

State Senate Republican leader, John Braun, has voiced his criticism of a bill put forward by majority Democrats. The bill aims to triple Washington’s current 1% annual limit on property tax increases.

Braun is concerned about the possible financial strain that different groups of people may face.

What is the Senate Bill 5770?

The bill, backed by 20 Democrats, including Sen. Jamie Pedersen and Sen. June Robinson, contends that the existing 1% restriction hampers vital community services. The intended augmentation seeks to tackle funding obstacles in public safety, criminal justice, and education, with a specific focus on students with disabilities.

Why is Braun Opposing the Bill?

According to Braun, a member of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, he is against the bill because he believes it will have a negative impact on seniors, middle-class families, and renters.

Democrats’ commitment to public safety is questioned by him, as he points out their policies on law enforcement. He firmly believes that funding for children with disabilities should not be reliant on new taxes.


In 2001, Washington implemented a property tax increase limit of 1% per year through Initiative 747. This limit was later reinstated by the Legislature after being invalidated by the Supreme Court in 2007. The purpose of this limit is to control revenue growth for jurisdictions that heavily rely on property taxes. So, what is the financial impact of this restriction?

If the bill is passed, it would give permission for an annual property tax increase of up to 3%. This could potentially result in a total increase of $4.1 billion over six years and $12 billion over 12 years in state and local property taxes. Braun emphasizes the importance of using existing revenue for funding and advocates for tax relief rather than implementing tax hikes.

The proposed bill has sparked controversy, with Democrats stressing the importance of generating additional revenue to support essential services. On the other hand, Republicans, led by Braun, are against raising taxes and instead advocate for prioritizing and managing existing resources.

What are your thoughts on whether the bill will benefit ordinary citizens and taxpayers or if it will end up being another financial burden for hardworking individuals? I’m interested in hearing your perspective. I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!

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