Democrats reclaim George Santos’ seat in tightly contested election

Democrats have successfully flipped the highly contested Long Island seat previously occupied by Rep. George Santos, thereby reducing the already slim Republican majority in the House.

Tom Suozzi, a Democrat, emerged victorious in the race for New York’s 3rd Congressional District, reclaiming his former seat. His Republican opponent, Mazi Melesa Pilip, posed a lesser-known challenge but was ultimately overcome by Suozzi’s campaign.

Tuesday’s special election was a nail-biter, highlighting the significant shift to the right that the district has experienced since Suozzi’s last election in 2020.

The election results give Democrats the opportunity to highlight their momentum in a pivotal year of elections where the House and the presidency are at stake. Throughout the race, Republicans focused on key themes that they plan to center their 2024 campaigns around, such as immigration and crime.

Suozzi ran his campaign on a promise of finding common ground and promoting practical leadership. He criticized both Republicans and members of his own party who are unwilling to collaborate in today’s era of extreme partisanship.


In an inspiring speech delivered at the Crest Hollow Country Club, he urged the crowd to rise above the petty, partisan bickering and finger-pointing. He emphasized the importance of shifting our collective focus towards finding solutions to the problems at hand.

A wide range of supporters gathered at the event, including enthusiastic young organizers who went door-to-door in Queens, a district that showed strong support for Suozzi and helped him gain an early advantage. The crowd erupted in applause when the candidate expressed his gratitude to the labor unions from the stage.

Suozzi expressed his gratitude at the beginning of his speech, taking a moment to appreciate his triumph.

“We won despite the attacks and lies thrown at Tom Suozzi and the squad, falsely labeling him as the godfather of the migrant crisis and referring to him as sanctuary Suozzi. The Nassau County Republican machine tried to hinder our progress, but we emerged victorious. This victory is a testament to our ability to tackle the pressing issues and unite despite our differences.”

Both Pilip and Suozzi expressed their unwavering support for Israel during the Israel-Hamas war, which had an impact on the race. Suozzi went as far as stating that he believes in providing unconditional U.S. aid to the Jewish state, demonstrating his strong commitment to Israel.

Suozzi, on the other hand, strongly supports the bipartisan Senate border bill and criticizes Pilip and Republicans for dismissing it as a nonstarter. He accuses them of being loyal to former President Donald Trump and prioritizing political gain over the best interests of the country.

Suozzi’s win represents a significant victory for the Democrats as they have successfully flipped the swing seat previously occupied by Santos, a Republican who was removed from Congress due to criminal charges related to fraud. This outcome alleviates the concerns within the party about President Joe Biden’s potential negative impact on down-ballot races, particularly in an area where he is not particularly popular.

The 3rd Congressional District in Nassau County and Queens is among the handful of New York House seats that are anticipated to be decided by narrow margins this year. The outcome of these races will play a significant role in determining which party will have control of the House in 2025. While Biden secured an 8-point victory in the district in 2020, a recent Newsday/Siena College poll revealed that Trump currently holds a five-point lead over Biden. It is worth noting that the district’s boundaries may be revised in the near future by a commission responsible for redrawing congressional district lines in New York.

There is a possibility of a rematch or another closely contested race between Democrats and Republicans for this seat in November. While Suozzi is a centrist and often leans conservative, he still identifies as a Democrat. However, the Democratic brand is seen as toxic in certain areas of Long Island, where the well-established Nassau County Republican organization has successfully flipped several local seats over the years.

Suozzi defeated Pilip in what appeared to be a significant victory, despite the Democrats’ substantial investment in advertising. Suozzi’s campaign managed to raise millions more than Pilip’s. While Suozzi had the advantage of a larger campaign fund and name recognition from his three decades of service in elected office, Pilip and the Republicans were able to gain an edge by taking a firm stance on border security.

During her campaign, the Nassau County legislator organized a limited number of press conferences. However, she took the opportunity to host two events outside the Creedmoor Psychiatric Center migrant shelter in Queens. Her intention was to criticize Democratic policies that she believed were promoting illegal immigration.

“We accomplished something remarkable. We are the ones who fought tirelessly,” Pilip exclaimed at her celebration in East Meadow, situated just beyond the district boundaries. “Although we may have suffered defeat, it doesn’t signify the end of our journey.”

Nassau County Republican Chair Joe Cairo expressed uncertainty about whether she would be the party’s nominee again in November, saying, “We’ll have to wait and see,” in response to Pilip’s brief concession speech.

Republican Representatives Anthony D’Esposito, Nick LaLota, and Andrew Garbarino, along with former Representative Peter King, stood alongside Pilip on stage. These Long Island colleagues have been a consistent presence on the campaign trail, frequently speaking at events even more than the candidate herself.

Preserving abortion access and restoring the state and local tax deduction, or SALT, were also significant issues in the race, alongside border politics and support for Israel.

Pilip, although being an enrolled Democrat, received strong support from Long Island Republicans during her campaign in the special election. D’Esposito, for instance, was constantly present at Pilip’s events.

In contrast, Suozzi embarked on his campaign without the support of party leaders such as Gov. Kathy Hochul or New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

He made sure to keep his distance from Biden, who visited New York City last week for three fundraisers but did not actively campaign for Suozzi.

During a PIX11 interview, Pilip emphasized that “no one is above the law” in the final stretch of the race. Later, in a CNN interview, she reached out to Trump, seeking his assistance in her campaign. Moreover, House Speaker Mike Johnson paid a visit to the district to organize a fundraiser and rally, focusing on their 2024 campaigns, with particular emphasis on immigration and crime issues.

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