Denver Intersections See An Increase In Migrants Volunteering To Clean Windshields

Aiexpress – Drivers in Denver are increasingly encountering a concerning safety issue and potential annoyance. A growing trend has emerged where individuals approach vehicles stopped at intersections and offer to clean their windshields.

There are instances where individuals have grown relentless, persistently refusing to accept rejection.

In larger cities along the East Coast, this phenomenon is frequently observed, which can pose a significant hazard.

A Denver resident shared with CBS News Colorado reporter Ashley Portillo that he recently encountered a situation where a group of migrant workers tried to clean his windshield while he was stopped at a red light. This incident made him feel uneasy and concerned for his safety.

During his conversation with a migrant, Portillo discovered that they are resorting to cleaning windshields and selling various items as a means of survival.


“We’re in a difficult situation. We don’t have a solution for finding an apartment. What should we do? We have children,” expressed one migrant.

For a migrant mom and her family, there is no other option but to find ways to make a few dollars. She is among the numerous newly arrived migrants who are not authorized to work in the U.S. and are willing to do whatever it takes to earn some income.

The migrant explained that they are searching for ways to earn money, as they do not have jobs or any other means of income. They resort to selling various items in order to address their financial challenges.

According to Jon Ewing from Denver Human Services, he and his colleagues have witnessed a rise in migrants gathering at intersections, even in chilly weather conditions.

“I observe them diligently toiling away, striving to earn enough money to support themselves or their loved ones. It’s disheartening to witness because we are well aware that this is not a sustainable situation,” expressed Ewing. “Although we appreciate and comprehend their efforts, we also acknowledge that this is an inevitable reality.”

However, Ewing emphasized that there is also a safety concern for everyone.

“We have concerns about them being taken advantage of. Naturally, we are concerned about issues related to traffic, safety, and other similar matters,” Ewing expressed. “This is the reason why we have consistently advocated for the expansion of work authorization and the opportunity for these individuals to secure employment and receive regular payments. We are aware that they are eager to work.”

Ewing also mentioned that a significant number of migrants are not aware of the fact that they are not legally allowed to work in the United States until they arrive.

Denver Human Services will continue its efforts to assist authorized migrants with their work applications. They will be hosting legal clinics in February to provide support and guidance in submitting these applications.

In Denver, drivers are constantly finding ways to make money as more migrants continue to arrive.

The Department stated that engaging in such activities may lead to receiving a citation and individuals could be charged with offenses like solicitation or aggressive panhandling. However, their primary objective is not to penalize the migrants. Instead, the department aims to engage in effective communication with the migrants to address safety concerns.

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