Donald Trump Reaches Out To Wealthy Donors Of Nikki Haley Despite Being Permanently Barred

When Munir Lalani got an email invitation from former President Donald Trump on Wednesday, inviting him to join an “EXCLUSIVE” membership program as the Republican party’s presumptive nominee for 2024, he was quite surprised.

In a mass mailer, Trump extended an exclusive offer to his “top 1% of supporters.” This offer allowed Lalani to obtain a black metal card adorned with Trump’s mugshot, serving as tangible evidence of Lalani’s membership in the “Make America Great Again 2024” movement. The card symbolized their unwavering commitment and refusal to surrender.

Lalani, a 70-year-old supporter of Trump’s Republican rival Nikki Haley, had a problem. Despite donating over $30,000 to Haley, he didn’t see himself as one of Trump’s top 1% supporters.

In addition, he had the audacity to attend a fundraiser organized by Haley in February, despite Trump’s warning to permanently ban donors who supported her after she refused to withdraw from the race following her loss in the New Hampshire primary.

It appears that some members of the Trump family may have missed the memo.


Lalani, a hotelier from Waco, Texas, expressed that she has been receiving two texts per day from Lara Trump, the daughter-in-law of Donald Trump. Lalani mentioned that Lara Trump recently assumed the position of co-chair of the Republican National Committee on March 8.

Trump is not banning Haley donors from the MAGA tent; instead, he is actively seeking their support.

According to donors and political observers, Trump may have been influenced to alter his stance due to the increasing legal expenses he is facing. These expenses stem from the 91 criminal charges against him in four different indictments. Additionally, Trump is also responsible for approximately $500 million in civil legal damages and penalties.

However, in his general election battle against President Joe Biden, he also requires the support of Haley’s voters and donors.

RNC’s campaign slush fund’ and Trump’s need for cash

According to Rick Wilson, a co-founder of the anti-Trump Lincoln Project, Trump’s desire for money outweighs his desire for revenge or spite. He believes that while some major donors of Nikki Haley may be motivated by fear to give to Trump, none will do so out of genuine support.

In a recent development, Haley expressed her concerns regarding Trump’s utilization of the RNC as his personal “legal slush fund.” Trump’s decision to approach Haley’s donors is a strategic move, considering the financial benefits it presents.

In January, the presidential campaign of the former two-time South Carolina governor managed to raise $11.5 million, surpassing the funds raised by Trump’s operation, which totaled $8.8 million, as reported by FEC filings.

Will it be easy for Trump to court Haley donors?

Eric Levine, a Republican bundler, played a significant role in organizing two major fundraisers for Haley alongside influential figures from Wall Street in New York. One of these fundraisers took place on January 30th, just a week after Trump’s threat. Levine has also been receiving offers from the former president.

Levine, a lawyer, expressed his strong opposition to Biden’s reelection but declined to comment on whether he would consider making a donation to Trump.

“I have been raising millions of dollars for Senate Republicans for years now, and I will continue to do so,” he declared confidently.

Levine expressed uncertainty regarding the utilization of contributions made to the RNC.

In an interview with USA TODAY, the individual expressed deep concern regarding the allocation of the funds. They questioned whether the money would be utilized for legal expenses or to support Republican candidates. The uncertainty surrounding the matter left them unsure of the ultimate destination of the funds.

During her withdrawal speech, Haley emphasized that it is now Trump’s responsibility to garner the support of Republicans who did not endorse him during the primaries.

According to a survey conducted by Fox News Voter Analysis, over 2,400 South Carolina Republican primary voters were included in the study. The results indicated that 6 out of 10 voters who supported Haley stated that they would not back Trump if he became the Republican nominee in the general election.

In response to whether he would vote for Trump in the upcoming election, Levine, a self-proclaimed member of the “Ronald Reagan wing of the Republican party” who supported Trump in 2020, expressed that he didn’t sense a strong appeal from the former president for his vote.

“I won’t consider giving my vote to Donald Trump until he actively seeks it. Currently, I am still excluded from the voting process. So, until he specifically asks for my vote, the question of whether I would support him is premature and insignificant,” he expressed. “I am more interested in a candidate who focuses on creating a better future for all of us, rather than dwelling on past grievances and seeking retribution against those they perceive as political adversaries.”

The Trump campaign did not disclose whether it was actively seeking donations from Haley supporters.

Karoline Leavitt, the national press secretary for Trump, responded through email with a statement that emphasizes President Trump’s inclusive stance. According to the statement, President Trump welcomes all Americans, regardless of their political affiliation, be it Republicans, Independents, or even disillusioned Democrats. The goal is to unite under the banner of the greatest political movement in history, with the aim of putting an end to Joe Biden’s chaos and restoring America’s strength, safety, and success.

Trump’s VP pick might determine where Haley donors go

But Tulsi Gabbard, the former Democratic congresswoman from Hawaii, is one reason why Levine won’t be voting for Trump.

Tulsi Gabbard, who is said to be under consideration for Trump’s vice-presidential shortlist, held the position of vice chair at the Democratic National Committee in 2016. Recognized as a prominent progressive figure, she stepped down from her role to become a senior advisor for Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.

Levine expressed his surprise at the existence of a Bernie Sanders wing within the Republican Party. He made it clear that if Bernie Sanders were to nominate Tulsi Gabbard, he would not be supporting him. In fact, Levine stated that he might as well back Bernie Sanders himself.

Lalani, on the other hand, stated that he hasn’t made a decision yet about donating to Trump, despite having voted for him in 2020.

“I’m still hopeful that No Labels will put forth a credible candidate,” he expressed. “I sincerely wish they would persuade Nikki to join. There is a multitude of possibilities. Will he consider reaching out to Nikki for a potential vice president position?”

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