Elderly tenants in Kansas City apartment building left without heating

Tenants residing in a Kansas City apartment complex express their concerns over the lack of heating during the current cold spell. They are worried that the repairs may not be completed in a timely manner.

Residents of the Gabriel Tower Apartments not only feel left out in the cold figuratively, but also literally, as their landlord has failed to fix the heating system amidst freezing temperatures. Frustrated and desperate, they are reaching out for assistance, highlighting their landlord’s insufficient efforts.

Teresa Jones expressed her frustration, saying, “The cold is so unbearable that I can’t even sleep in my bedroom or take a shower.”

Jones has been living in her apartment since December and has been experiencing issues with the heating system ever since.

“They provided us with small heaters to use, but all they do is increase our electric bill,” Jones complained. “Our apartment isn’t getting any warmer.”


Janet Woods resides on the fifth floor, where the inside of her window frame has been covered in ice due to the cold air seeping in. In an effort to combat the chill, she has resorted to using her electric oven, despite the potential health risks it may pose.

“I like to crank up my oven to 400 degrees and leave the door open for some extra warmth,” Woods shared. With a disappointed look, she tried to adjust the thermostat, but it remained unresponsive. No matter how long we waited, the vents refused to release any air.”

“I can’t bear to witness these animals suffering, and I certainly can’t stand to see the elderly endure it,” Woods expressed passionately in an interview with KCTV, explaining her motivation to speak out. “If I can’t handle it, I can only imagine the distress experienced by the elderly. It’s evident that action must be taken.”

Gabriel Tower is under the ownership of Millennia Housing Management, a company based in Cleveland, OH. Despite our attempts to contact them for comment on Monday, we did not receive a response. However, on Tuesday morning, Millennia Housing finally provided a response.

Due to the rise in temperature, Gabriel Tower experienced a temporary disruption in heating. The management team swiftly took action by hiring contractors to repair the boiler and supplying residents with space heaters in the meantime. We are pleased to inform you that the heating has been fully restored, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused to our residents. At Gabriel Tower, our management team remains committed to addressing the needs of our residents and ensuring that they have access to safe, comfortable, and sanitary housing.

Residents have recently received a letter from the company, notifying them about a broken boiler. The letter also mentioned that a contractor has been scheduled to fix the issue, with the repair expected to be completed by Tuesday at the latest.

Residents continue to express skepticism.

Woods firmly believes that the city should take action to either shut down the place and provide them with an alternative or ensure that the Millennia Company fulfills their responsibilities without deceiving people.

KCTV also contacted the Kansas City Housing and Neighborhood Services Department to inquire about whether this property had been brought to their attention, but as of now, they have not received a response.

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