Elon Musk urges people to shift their focus away from racism

Elon Musk has had enough of hearing complaints about racism.

In an extensive interview on “The Don Lemon Show,” where Musk expressed discomfort with some of the questions posed, Don Lemon queried the owner of X about his views on racism.

“Of course, being cognizant of societal inequities is important, but constantly framing issues in terms of race is divisive and harmful to society,” Musk shared with Lemon.

He observed that society often unfairly attributes “many things” to racism. His solution? “We should judge people based on their individual character,” he suggested.

Musk emphasized, “We shouldn’t keep focusing on this issue all the time. It’s time to move forward,” he concluded.


Elon Musk expressed frustration with the notion of individuals identifying as victims based on their personal feelings, especially in discussions with Don Lemon on race and gender.

He acknowledged the extreme racism of the transatlantic slave trade era in agreement with Lemon but emphasized the importance of focusing on the future rather than dwelling on the past.

“We’ll never overcome it if we continue to obsess over it,” Musk remarked.

During their conversation, when Lemon, a former CNN host, challenged Musk on the role of racism today, Musk questioned what privileges his race afforded him. Lemon, who is Black, pointed out the societal ease white people often experience, which Musk met with skepticism.

Musk has openly criticized workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion policies, labeling DEI as a form of racism earlier in the year.

Tesla, Musk’s company, has been criticized for how it treats Black employees, with 15 Black workers filing a lawsuit in 2022 alleging racial harassment, including slurs, graffiti, and physical threats.

The interview between Lemon and Musk, which also covered Musk’s use of ketamine and his role at X, had its share of tension. Musk expressed his discomfort with Lemon’s questioning style, finding it incoherent.

Following Lemon’s unexpected departure from CNN, Musk proposed a partnership with X to him, only for the offer to be retracted shortly after this interview.

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