Exploring Alaska’s 4 Longest Bridges

The bridges in Alaska not only facilitate travel across bodies of water but also offer breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. These remarkable structures showcase impressive feats of engineering, with some boasting remarkable lengths. Discovering the longest bridges in Alaska allows you to appreciate the sheer magnitude of these architectural marvels.

4. Susitna River Bridge

The Susitna River Bridge, located in Talkeetna, AK, is a significant railroad bridge.

The image above, taken by David Pastyka, showcases a beautiful scene.

The Susitna River Bridge, with a length of 504 feet, holds the distinction of being the fourth largest bridge in the state. This historical railway bridge, constructed in 1921, has earned a place on the National Register of Historic Places. Situated on the eastern boundary of Denali National Park, it serves as a popular attraction for tourists exploring the area.

3. Mears Memorial Bridge

The construction of the Mears Memorial Bridge in Alaska marked a significant milestone for the Alaska railroad.


The image is provided by Leeweh/Shutterstock.com.

Crossing the Tanana River at Nenana stands the Mears Memorial Bridge, which is Alaska’s third longest bridge. Stretching for 700 feet, this bridge holds the distinction of being one of the longest simple truss bridges in the entire country. Its construction in 1923 marked a significant milestone as it symbolized the completion of the Alaska railroad.

2. Hurricane Gulch

The second-longest bridge in Alaska offers you the opportunity to cross Hurricane Gulch.

The image is credited to Gail Johnson/Shutterstock.com.

The train bridge spanning Hurricane Gulch, located midway between Anchorage and Fairbanks, stretches over 918 feet, making it the second-longest bridge in Alaska and the longest one on the Alaska Railroad. Not only is this bridge impressively long, but it also stands tall, soaring 296 feet above Hurricane Creek. Originally built in 1921, the bridge has undergone various upgrades over the years.

1. Tanana River Bridge

The Tanana River Bridge stretches an impressive 3,300 feet, making it the longest bridge in Alaska.

The image above showcases the beautiful work of Victoria Ditkovsky, available on Shutterstock.com.

Alaska boasts the Tanana River Bridge, which holds the distinction of being the longest bridge in the state, stretching across a remarkable 3,300 feet. This impressive structure was completed in August 2014 and forms an integral part of the renowned Alaska Highway. Currently, the bridge is exclusively accessible to motorists, but plans are underway to enable rail transport in the future.

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