Extremely Heavy Rain Is Predicted To Cause Flooding Across Half Of Texas On January 21 To 24

Aiexpress – A fascinating weather pattern is expected to develop, resulting in significant precipitation and its impact on south central, eastern, and northeastern Texas. This will increase the risk of flooding and travel disruptions, particularly in areas closer to the higher levels of moisture in the atmosphere. Additionally, there will be convective activity with thunderstorms scattered throughout the region. Read on for more information on the forecast and regional specifics.

Overall Forecast:

In the mid/upper levels of the atmosphere, a trough with a negative tilt is forecasted to move eastward across the south-central United States. As it does so, it will bring in abundant Gulf moisture across south-central, eastern, and parts of northeastern Texas. By Sunday morning, the dew points are expected to rise significantly, and by Monday evening, they could reach the mid to potentially upper 60s. These conditions are more than sufficient for the development of heavy precipitation. On Sunday, overcast conditions will dominate the region due to the lift, setting the stage for the arrival of heavy rainfall. Additionally, a low-level jet will guide this weather pattern, further enhancing the setup and allowing for a deepening southwest flow aloft. As a result, conditions will be favorable for very heavy rainfall, increasing the risk of flooding across the region, particularly in south-central Texas.

Across Texas Timing and Impact: Rain showers will begin in central, southern, south-central, eastern, and northeastern Texas on Sunday afternoon. The coverage of these showers will increase as they move from west to northeast across the region. As more moisture is pushed into the area, heavy rain with embedded thunderstorms will impact southern Texas starting Sunday night and continue into Monday morning. This heavy rain will then spread across the rest of the region, with the most concentrated area of heavy rain expected around Houston and the southern and central parts of Texas. The heavy rain will persist and become more scattered by Monday night. On Tuesday, another strong pulse will move through, bringing moderate to heavy rain mainly to eastern Texas. Scattered showers will continue through Wednesday, as any remaining moisture and impulses move eastward into the southeastern United States.

Approximate Rainfall Totals (in inches):


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