Familiar Scam Warning: Kansans Alerted to Potential Intimidation Tactics for Large Payments

Kansans have recently been alerted about the resurgence of a well-known scam that could potentially intimidate them into making a significant payment.

The Brown County Sheriff’s Office has recently received numerous reports of a recurring scam in the county. According to the reports, victims are being contacted by phone by individuals pretending to be their grandchildren or close relatives. These scammers claim that they have been arrested outside the area.

Law enforcement officials have noted that the person making the call shows a personal connection to the victims, addressing them by their names or even referring to them as “grandma and grandpa.” What’s even more unsettling is that the callers seem to possess some knowledge of the victims’ personal histories.

The scammer informs the victim, according to the Sheriff’s Office, that they must immediately provide $500 or sometimes a higher amount, or else face charges and imprisonment.

Law enforcement officials have reported that the scammer requested credit or debit card information in order to facilitate the transaction on two separate occasions. Victims were assured by the caller that they would repay the money and expressed embarrassment, stating that they did not want their alleged parents to find out. In one instance, it was even reported that the scammer cried hysterically.


The Sheriff’s Office has reported that, thankfully, no one has become a victim of the scam thus far. In all the incidents reported, residents were able to quickly reach out to their relatives, and fortunately, no one was in any trouble.

Law enforcement officials are reminding residents to exercise caution and refrain from sharing personal information over the phone or internet.

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