Federal gun charges trial date set for Hunter Biden

The trial for Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s son, in the federal firearms case, where he is accused of lying about his past drug use to purchase a handgun, is scheduled to begin in early June. The decision was made by a judge in Wilmington, Delaware.

District Judge Maryellen Noreika tentatively scheduled the trial to begin during the week of 3 June at a status conference held on Wednesday.

In September, Hunter Biden faced an indictment on three serious gun charges. These charges included falsifying a firearms application, lying to a federally licensed gun dealer, and possession of a gun obtained unlawfully.

Prosecutors claim that Hunter Biden had illegal possession of a Colt Cobra 38S revolver for a duration of 11 days in October 2018. During this time, he falsely declared on a federal gun purchase form that he did not consume drugs.

According to federal law, individuals who use illegal drugs are prohibited from possessing firearms.


Hunter Biden is now potentially facing a prison sentence of up to 25 years and fines of up to $750,000 for these charges.

The Justice Department has levied charges following its extensive four-year investigation into Hunter Biden’s business dealings, personal conduct, and other matters.

Last year, Hunter Biden made a plea deal with federal prosecutors. According to the terms of the deal, he agreed to plead guilty to two tax misdemeanors for not paying his taxes on time in 2017 and 2018. In return, the prosecutors agreed not to charge him with a gun possession violation.

The president’s son has entered a plea of not guilty for the charges in both cases.

Hunter Biden is scheduled to stand trial in the California case on June 20th, while the Delaware case is now slated to occur just a few days earlier.

During Wednesday’s court hearing, the Justice Department prosecutors stated that their case is expected to span three to four days, while the defense team mentioned that they anticipate their presentation to last for two days.

Hunter Biden’s attorney has informed reporters that they do not anticipate the case going to trial. The defense team has submitted several motions arguing for the dismissal of the case, citing the validity of a portion of the plea deal.

According to their claims, Mr. Weiss is only yielding to the demands of Republican critics who are using the case as a weapon to harm his father’s re-election campaign.

Judge Noreika has not yet made a ruling on the motions.

On Wednesday, Hunter Biden declined an invitation from House Republicans to testify in a public hearing as part of their ongoing impeachment inquiry into his father.

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