Five-year-old Immigrant Kid Who Became Ill At Temporary Chicago Shelter Died From Sepsis, According To Autopsy Results

Aiexpress – The boy, who was 5 years old and from Venezuela, died in December after getting sick at a temporary shelter for refugees in Chicago. An autopsy released Friday shows that he died of sepsis and strep throat.

The autopsy report from the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office showed that Jean Carlos Martinez died on December 17 from sepsis caused by a streptococcus pyogenes group A infection. This type of infection can cause strep throat and other serious illnesses that can be fatal.

The analysis showed that COVID-19, adenovirus, and rhinovirus all played a role in his death.

The boy was staying in a building in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood that had been turned into a shelter when he had a medical emergency, the city said. As soon as he got to the hospital, they said he was dead.

Concerns about shelter conditions and how Chicago was handling a large increase of people who were not used to the city’s cold winters and had few contacts in the area were sparked by the boy’s death.


Many of the refugee seekers who have been bused in from Texas over the last year have been from Texas. It has been hard for Chicago and other northern U.S. cities to find housing for these people. At the beginning of the month, hundreds of asylum seekers were still waiting to be housed at Chicago airports and police stations. Some of them were still sleeping on the streets outside of precinct buildings.

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