Flooding in Edgewater, N.J. causes California man to lose RV and car

EDGEWATER, N.J. (AIEXPRESS)- People had to be evacuated from a hotel in Bergen County due to flooding in Edgewater, New Jersey.

The parking lot in Edgewater is still filled with water-logged cars, even after nearly a week has passed.

Joshua Pierson expressed his dismay as he shared, “Both my car and RV are completely submerged.”

Pierson didn’t just have an RV; he had a home that he had been living in for the past month while traveling across the country.

Pierson expressed his astonishment and confusion, stating that he was at a loss for words. He described his current situation as a state of purgatory, emphasizing his uncertainty about what to do next.


A powerful storm has caused severe flooding in several riverside communities in Bergen County, New Jersey. Residents are expressing their frustration and concern, stating that they cannot continue to endure these destructive conditions.

Pierson traveled from California and decided to take a break from RV living by staying at the Comfort Inn in Edgewater. Little did he know that he had parked his vehicle in a lot that was prone to flooding during a rainstorm. According to Pierson, the hotel staff informed him that the lot had flooded within 10 minutes on a late Tuesday night and claimed they had called his hotel room.

Pierson expressed his surprise, stating that he did not receive any notification or attempt of contact. His cellphone did not ring and no one knocked on his door. Consequently, he woke up in the morning to find himself by the Hudson River.

On Sunday, a number of water-logged cars were being towed out of the lot that was still flooded. The peak of the flooding occurred on Saturday, which resulted in the guests having to evacuate using a military vehicle.

Pierson, who hails from California, found himself in a predicament when his car insurance failed to provide coverage for flooding. To make matters worse, his rental car also fell victim to the flood. The tow truck driver went to great lengths to assist Pierson, even having to remove his shoes and socks to carry out the task at hand.

Pierson expressed his frustration at the significant amount of money that has been lost, stating, “You’re looking at $20,000, maybe about $70,000 that’s just gone.”

CBS New York viewers may be familiar with this particular parking lot. We previously reported a similar incident around Christmas in 2022 when the lot experienced flooding and subsequently froze over, trapping multiple vehicles. The hotel staff clarified that the lot is not owned by Comfort Inn and therefore the hotel is not liable for the situation.

Pierson expressed her frustration by stating, “Those responsible should be held accountable and compelled to make amends. I invested my hard-earned money only to witness my property being destroyed and lose everything. I have paid a hefty price for their negligence.”

Pierson is currently strategizing a plan to have all the items towed out before the temperatures drop this week, as he is concerned about the possibility of icing.

The hotel is independently franchised, and the staff has mentioned that no one will be available to provide comments until Monday.

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