Florida Airport Sees Construction of Hundreds of New Apartments

If you reside in Florida and frequently travel, you are well aware of the challenges that come with navigating airport traffic. You are often required to arrive early for security reasons, which means accounting for both car congestion around the airport and the crowds of people inside it.

A builder has plans to construct hundreds of multi-family apartments around one Florida airport, which is likely to increase the traffic in the area.

Dream Finders Homes is a company that builds communities in various states across the United States. According to their website, they have projects in Florida, Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Maryland, and Virginia.

Dream Finders has established communities in Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa within the state of Florida.

Dream Finders is a publicly traded company that offers customers the opportunity to personalize their own homes. They have a strong ambition to be recognized as the premier home builder in America.


About Jacksonville International Airport: Jacksonville, Florida’s most populated city, has a medium-sized airport that has been described as “hassle-free” by Visit Jacksonville. They claim that you can reach baggage claim in less than 10 minutes at JAX. According to the site, the airport has over 200 daily arrivals.

According to The Jacksonville Business Journal, Dream Finders Homes has announced their plans to construct a $3.5 million apartment complex. This housing development will consist of 390 units spread across 21 buildings, complete with a clubhouse and a pool. The complex will be situated on a 24-acre plot of land near the Airport.

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