Forensic Pathologist suggests Kansas City Police have knowledge of how Chiefs fans died in friend’s backyard

Dr. Michael Baden, a renowned forensic investigator, suggests that investigators are likely aware of the circumstances surrounding the mysterious deaths of three Kansas City Chiefs fans who were found frozen after watching a playoff game at a friend’s house. Despite their families insisting that freezing to death was implausible, Dr. Baden believes that authorities may have already determined the cause of death.

According to Baden, the police are likely already aware of the situation and have gathered information from the scene. In an interview on Fox News, he stated, “They got information from the scene, what was used, I’m sure this Willis person is talking and cooperating with them [and is telling] what he knows.”

Authorities have not publicly disclosed any information about the deaths. However, they have confirmed that there was no foul play involved in the tragic passing of David Harrington, 37, Ricky Johnson, 38, and Clayton McGeeney, 36. The three individuals were discovered lifeless in the backyard of Jordan Willis’ Kansas City residence on January 9. This unfortunate incident occurred just two days after they had gathered to watch a football game between the Chiefs and the Los Angeles Chargers.

According to Willis, a renowned Scientist and HIV researcher, he denies any involvement in the deaths of his friends. However, the family members and loved ones of the deceased remain skeptical of his explanation. Willis claims that he was inside working and uses headphones and a fan while sleeping, so he has no knowledge of how long they stayed in the yard.

According to Willis’ attorney John Picerno, he has nothing to hide. He voluntarily went to the police station and spoke with officers without a lawyer present. Additionally, he allowed them to search his home as well. Picerno emphasized that these individuals were Willis’ friends, as reported by the Daily Mail.


According to Dr. Baden, it is his belief that the group of friends consumed a substance that caused them to become drowsy and fall asleep.

In cold weather and snow, individuals may lose consciousness and their body temperature can drop significantly from 98 degrees to 80 degrees within an hour. This sudden drop in temperature can cause the heart rhythm to become irregular, leading to a cardiac arrest and potentially resulting in death. This is known as hypothermia-induced cardiac arrest.

The Pathologist, who conducted autopsies for several high-profile cases, such as the death of Jeffery Epstein and the murder of George Floyd, emphasized the importance of conducting toxicology tests. According to the Pathologist, these tests can provide a more definitive answer regarding whether or not the men had consumed any illicit substances and in what quantity.

During a segment on Fox and Friends, Baden explained that the individuals who took the material may not have been aware of its contents and became disoriented. As a result, they passed out. Baden further noted that while one person passed out indoors and recovered, the others were outdoors and tragically succumbed to the cold.

According to him, it is probable that the Kansas City Police already possess information regarding the enigmatic deaths. “By now, they are aware of the cause of death and have the toxicology results,” he states confidently.

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