Former correctional officer from Bucks County accused of murder in New York

A murder charge has been filed against a former Bucks County Jail correctional officer in New York.

Aaron Mayers, a 25-year-old resident of Doylestown, is facing multiple charges, including second-degree murder and gang assault in the first degree. Alongside him, 24-year-old Zahir Williams is also indicted on the same charges.

According to the District Attorney’s Office, Francisco Ortega, 50, was engaged in a heated argument with Williams outside his car at approximately 3:30 am on October 20th. During the altercation, another individual from their group unexpectedly struck Ortega from behind while he stood by the driver’s side with the door ajar.

Mayers joined the Bucks County Jail team in July 2022.

According to a spokesperson from the county, Mayers was suspended without pay after the investigation came to their attention. On Monday, December 11, he was ultimately terminated from his position.


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