Fraternity Brothers Devastated As Search For Missing Student Continues

Riley Strain’s fraternity brothers, who were with him on the night he disappeared in Nashville, Tennessee, are “heartbroken,” according to Strain’s mother. The search for the 22-year-old is ongoing.

Through tears at a news conference on Tuesday, Michelle Whiteid, Strain’s mom, expressed her deep affection for these boys, stating, “We love them like our own. It’s equally challenging for them as it is for us.”

“We are solely dedicated to bringing Riley back home,” she expressed. “He is not only my best friend but also my closest companion.”

On March 8, Strain disappeared after a night out in Nashville.

Strain went missing on March 8 during a night out in Nashville.


Strain and his Delta Chi fraternity brothers from the University of Missouri were in Nashville for a fraternity formal and went out on Broadway. Surveillance cameras and police body cameras documented Strain’s final known movements between 9:30 and 10 p.m.

According to the police, authorities have searched on foot, by drone, and by boat, including those equipped with sonar.

The United Cajun Navy has also arrived in Nashville to assist. The United Cajun Navy’s David Flagg stated that they are searching the river and preparing a “structured and organized ground search.”

As Nashville locals volunteer to assist, Flagg warns of “steep and treacherous terrain on the riverbank.”

“Our primary goal, of course, is to find Riley. Our secondary goal is to safeguard the safety of those who are out seeking,” he stated.

Police found Strain’s bank card on an embankment between Gay Street and the Cumberland River near Riverfront Park on Sunday.

However, Nashville Police Sgt. Robert Nielsen stressed that there is still no evidence of a crime.

“One of the concerns people have called in multiple times about [was to say] Riley was being chased; he was being followed; we have seen no evidence of that,” Nielsen told reporters.

“We’ve gone over the tape several times, and that’s why we released the body camera film [of Strain’s brief interaction with an officer at around 10 p.m.]. “Because that officer interacted with him,” he explained. “And we’ve talked to other people who have indicated to us there were no injuries on Mr. Strain—no indication he was running from anything.”

“Our goal is still to bring Riley home,” said Strain’s stepfather, Chris Whiteid.

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